Rail, road, air cargo transportation company and custom brokerage (clearance) Almaty Kazakhstan

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Rail, road, air cargo transportation company and custom brokerage (clearance) Almaty Kazakhstan

“BA Services” Group - is a leading logistics services company and qualified professionals in the field of freight forwarding and custom brokerage services.

“BA Services” Group includes:
“BA Global Logistics” - a freight forwarding company that provides services to domestic and international multimodal transport.
“BA Services Ltd” - a licensed customs broker since 2000 with the right to produce "customs" clearance throughout the territory of Kazakhstan.

Rail, road, air cargo transportation company and custom brokerage (clearance) Almaty Kazakhstan

“BA Services” Group offers a full range of services in the field of logistics:

- forwarding and harmonization of international transit traffic by rail and sea transport;
- customs clearance of export-import and transit cargoes;
- services of customs bonded warehouse, provision of cars and containers;
- cargo handling;
- packing and preparing goods for transportation; - transportation of various goods by all modes of transport in all directions;
- delivery of goods on the principle "from door to door";
- courier services;
- transport and attachment of bulky goods on the open rolling stock;
- transportation of bulk and liquid bulk cargo in the hopper-wagons and tanks;
- rapid retrieval and tracking of wagons and containers;
- calculation of rail fare;
- cargo insurance.

Cargo Transportation Services

Full freight

- Kazakhstan: All regions. According to the city.

Own fleet of trucks


- Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan.
- Far East: Mongolia, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, etc.
- Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, etc.

"BA Global Logistics" company is the official freight forwarder company of State Rail Company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy".
The presence of partners in different countries.
For transportation, we provide you with 20'-,40'-foot containers.

MARITIME - International. The transportations are in containers.
Baggage shipment

- Kazakhstan: Almaty, Kostanai, Karaganda, Aktobe, Atyrau, etc.
- International.

We support the tight connection with our agents in every city of Kazakhstan.
At the request of the Client delivery can be "door-to-door” or “door-to-airport”, “door-to-station”.

Custom brokerage services

- free preliminary advice and assistance in preparing documents for the expected loads;
- receipt of documents on your warehousing goods;
- translation accompanying documents for the Russian language, if necessary;
- issue of certificates of compliance and other regulatory approvals stipulated;
- control over the timely payment of payments due to the budget (customs procedures, duties, excise duties, VAT);
- monitor the timely submission of documents for customs clearance;
- preparation and delivery to the customer a full package of documents required in the future after customs clearance.

Cargo Transportation Services
BA Global Logistics
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Custom Brokerage Services
BA Services Ltd
101-17 Raimbek Str,
050016 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel: +7-727 271-00-22
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e-mail: ba_services@escape.kz
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e-mail: info@basltd.kz
web: www.baservices.kz

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